Here you can find everything related to the fortieth edition, which is Special Edition. Each country got a random theme. Disqualified United Kingdom United Kingdom

Country Artist Song Pos Pts
Mexico Mexico Ana Gabriel & Vicky Carr Cosas Del Amor 26 30
United Kingdom United Kingdom Groove Armada At The River DQ 55
Slovakia Slovakia Jana Kirschner Na čiernom koni 8 68
Italy Italy Fiorella Mannoia Quello che le donne non dicono 6 76
Costa Rica Costa Rica El Parque Chikatilo (Gritos en el desierto) 14 55
Germany Germany Mousse T. ft. Emma Lanford Right About Now 4 91
Malta Malta Emanuel Cilia X'Ahna Sbieh Min Jaf Jarana 25 32
Slovenia Slovenia Tinkara Kovač Sonce v očeh 10 61
Cyprus Cyprus Alexia Ena Dyo Tria 27 27
South Korea South Korea EVE Ghost School 20 43
Croatia Croatia Josip Katalenić San 22 38
Singapore Singapore Naomi and The Boys As Life Goes On 21 39
Armenia Armenia Cher Half Breed 15 51
Netherlands Netherlands Mai Tai History 17 48
Switzerland Switzerland XXL ft. Peter Steiner It's Cool Man 29 22
Latvia Latvia Dons & Lily Just For You 12 58
Philippines Philippines Martin Nievera Be My Lady 16 49
Morocco Morocco Thalweg Tchina 11 58
Brazil Brazil Kid Abelha Lagrimas e chuva 24 32
Ireland Ireland Dance To Tipperary The Fields Of Athenry 28 23
Taiwan Taiwan Michael Wong Fairytale 13 57
Argentina Argentina Coti Bailemos 5 88
Austria Austria Shesays Rosegardens 2 130
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Orient Xpress Ağ (Bright White) 19 43
Finland Finland Sofia Zida Disco Mamazita 3 119
United States United States Marvin Gaye I Heard It Through The Grapevine 7 72
Canada Canada Bryan Adams Heaven 1 148
Romania Romania Anna Lesko ft. Alex Nu Mai Am Timp 18 47
Spain Spain Alaska Y Dinarama Ni tú ni nadie 9 66
Poland Poland Raz dwa Trzy Nazywaj rzeczy po imieniu 31 18
Ethiopia Ethiopia The Four Tops Midnight Flower 30 19
France France Vanessa Paradis Tandem 23 35

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Retro WWWSC 40 - Recap13:00

Retro WWWSC 40 - Recap

Retro WWWSC 40 - Results12:47

Retro WWWSC 40 - Results

Retro WWW Song Contest
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